What's Your Tree National Group Leaders Meeting

From January 25-27th, our Beta Test group leaders came together in Denton Texas to share about their experiences leading the first What's Your Tree groups.

The group included Melanie from Philadelphia; Jodi from Durham, NC; Wini from Austin, TX; Chris, Annie and Alicia from Denton, TX; and Alissa from The Bay Area.

During the course of the weekend, group leaders rolled up their sleeves and provided great assessments to the program, as well as enhancement ideas for the future.

On the 26th, the Denton What's Your Tree community created a fundraiser for Cardo's Farm, a local organic farm that tragically had a fire in late November. They promoted the farm during the very busy, very fun Customer Appreciation Day at the Cupboard, the local health food store in Denton. The team of 8 handed out wheatgrass shots made from wheatgrass grown at Cardo's, raising about $150 in the process.

That night, about 50 or 60 What's Your Tree past and present participants came together for a potluck dinner where they presented the owners of Cardos with the money and all of their love and support for rebuilding. The local What's Your Tree groups are continuing to help out at the farm, raising awareness, money and digging in the dirt.

The next day, Sunday, the national group leaders were joined by 4 new group leaders who are all starting groups in Denton in the spring. Their energy was infectious and inspiring to all of us. Together we planned for the future and created a structure for group leaders to mentor and support one another.

This community gets richer and more inspiring every day.