The What's Your Tree Program was developed from speeches, writings and concepts from Julia Butterfly Hill. Julia wrote a large portion of materials for the program.

Alissa Hauser is the What's Your Tree National Team Leader.
Marianne Manilov is the National Director of the Engage Network.

Special thanks to our Founding Group Leaders in Denton, Texas who were brave enough to test the program before there was a program:
  • Annie Downey
  • Kendra Keefer-McGee
  • Thom Anderson
  • Kayci Barnett
  • Carolyn Harrod
  • Lovely Murrell
Our Inspiring and Amazing Curriculum Development Team:
  • Claudette Silver
  • Michael Scott
  • Kimberley Brown
  • Christopher Pease
  • Amira Diamond
Administration, Video and Graphic Design:
  • Chrissy Gruninger
  • Theo Rodrigues
  • Clinton Curnutt
  • Tony Faccino
  • Douglas Frey
  • Jessica Hurley

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